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EXMag Singapore Cool On-Line Version (2023)


Sadly today is the last paper copy – now it is EXMag Singapore On-Line

You might not know but for about 2 years I have been writing for EXMag which now changes to only EXMag Singapore On-Line. Sharing my own recipes and the occasional restaurant, hawker reviews as, and The Semi-Naked Chef. All very good fun it has to be said.

I bought the latest version today and sadly see the announcement that the paper copy is now gone, and it will only be online from now on. That’s fine, but it is always cool to get the hard copy too, as I read that when waiting for Amy to finish ballet, and usually send a copy to Mum in the UK and my mother-in-law in Japan, plus it’s nice to have one in the bookcase.

This edition as well is quite a memorable one for a couple of reasons;

  • I broke protocol by cooking the iconic Singaporean dish of roast pork belly;
  • It was a recipe from my mate Dougy, that I tweaked a little;
  • The meat came from the Siglap wet market, which I had no idea existed until my mate SoonYew told me; and
  • Therefore they get a special mention in this edition too.

So folks from now on – go to and have a look for yours truly!!!

roasted pork belly, EXMag Singapore On-Line, Brian Kennett, Islifearecipe
My very own version of Singapore’s iconic pork belly, as featured in

EXMag read it. It is actually good fun. And you get to read some of my ramblings – ENJOY!

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