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Best Fine Dining Restaurants Panglao Bohol: The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort: Panglao Bohol, the Philippines

The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort: This is one of three amazing restaurants, cum bars, from Chef Jenzel Fontilla in the BE Grand Resort Panglao on the stunning Filipino island of Bohol. See also our reviews of The Monkey Bar and Lune at BE Grand Resort

I keep getting asked the question: “Is there fine dining options in Panglao, Bohol?” From my recent trip I can categorically confirm, yes, there is fine dining in Pangalo, Bohol. This confident confirmation comes from my meeting with Chef Jenzel Fontilla, owner of three restaurants at the BE Grant Resort Panglao: The Monkey Bar and Lune are exceptional in their own rights, but The Boathouse is where the silver-service happens. Just have a watch of that video.

It’s culinary experience like no other from my experiences so far as I eat my way across Panglao and Bohol. Today we set sail (get it) to explore the delectable delights of The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort Panglao! Located on a cliff with sea views, and the very best sunsets on the truly breath-taking Panglao Island in the Philippines. This charming fine-dining establishment promises not only exquisite cuisine but also an unforgettable dining experience in paradise, as you settle down surround by the pools and rivers that meander through the resorts villas.

The Boathouse BE grand resort best restaurants in bohol side shot over pool

As you step into The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort, you’ll be greeted by an ambiance that blends sophistication with island charm. The restaurant is renowned for its gold-standard steaks with the finest cuts, and freshest of seafood cuisine, hey Panglao is an island, right! They have a massively impressive international wine and spirits cellar, and cocktails to die for – including the use of local spirits you can’t get easily anywhere else on the planet.

They literally have you covered for whatever tickles your fancy. Whether you’re seeking a romantic date night, a refined gathering with loved ones, or something to impress a customer or colleagues, The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort is the perfect setting to elevate your dining experience whilst in Panglao.

The Boathouse BE grand resort best restaurants in bohol dining room table setting

Get ready to indulge in a short, but delightful exploration of some of the gourmet treasures from this restaurant: a hidden gem in the heart of Filipino paradise.

The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort Menu HERE, and samples of what we ate:

the monkey bar restaurant BE grand resort .panglao the philippines BBQ roast pork with spuds

What does The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort have to say about itself?

“Savor the rich flavors the of gold standard for steaks on the island. Enjoy the best fine-dining services at the center of The Villas at BE Grand Resort!!”

the boathouse at be grand resort roast pork
the boathouse at be grand resort steak platter

The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort: you simply must try the cocktails

the boathouse at be grand resort cocktail #1
Our conclusions of The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort, Panglao Bohol

Our conclusions of The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort, Panglao Bohol

Ahoy there, fellow foodies: our culinary voyage to The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort Panglao has enabled us to savor the gold standard of steaks on the island, explore a tantalising menu brimming with local culinary treasures and fresh seafood galore, whilst basking in an elegant yet relaxed ambiance that only this paradise located gem could provide. And believe me all this is at a $ price about 1/5th of Singapore cost.

As we wrapped up our delightful meal at The Boathouse, we dashed upstairs to finish the night off on the rooftop at the stunning Lune for a few beers and cocktails under the stars as we got wafteef by Kool Toonz from the DJ and sea breezes. Yeah, it’s magical. What a night!!! The blend of sophistication and island charm, the tantalizing flavors, and the warm hospitality make it a must-visit destination.

Keep your food compass pointed towards Panglao Island and The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort for your next culinary escapade. Come on over and say hi to the mastermind behind it all, Chef Jenzel Fontilla and his crew.

What's the address and contact details of The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort, Panglao The Philippines?

Address: Bohol, Panglao, c/o BE Grand Resort Bohol BE Grand Drive Barangay Danao Panglao Island

Telephone: +63 905 303 8674

People also askled about The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort

1. What is The Boathouse at BE Grand Resort?The Boathouse is a fine-dining restaurant within BE Grand Resort, known for its exquisite cuisine and elegant ambiance.
2. What type of cuisine does The Boathouse offer?The Boathouse specializes in offering a diverse menu, including steaks and various international dishes prepared by expert chefs.
3. Can I make reservations at The Boathouse?Yes, you can make reservations at The Boathouse to ensure a table for your dining experience. It’s recommended, especially during peak times.
4. What is the dress code for dining at The Boathouse?The dress code is smart-casual, so guests are encouraged to dress nicely but not overly formal for their dining experience.
5. Is The Boathouse open to non-hotel guests?Yes, The Boathouse is open to both hotel guests and external visitors looking to enjoy its culinary offerings and ambiance.
6. What are the operating hours of The Boathouse?The restaurant typically operates for dinner service, but it’s best to check with the resort for specific hours and availability.
7. Are there vegetarian or vegan options available?Yes, The Boathouse offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences and requirements.
8. Can I celebrate special occasions at The Boathouse?Yes, The Boathouse is an excellent choice for celebrating special occasions, and the staff can assist in making your event memorable.
9. Does The Boathouse offer a wine or cocktail menu?Yes, they have an extensive wine and cocktail menu to complement your meal, offering a selection of beverages to suit various tastes.
10. Are children allowed at The Boathouse?Yes, children are welcome at The Boathouse, and the restaurant can accommodate families looking for an upscale dining experience.

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