Ji De Chi

Ji De Chi

On a cool evening, three old friends sat down for a bowl of heart-warming dessert each. In that moment, the thought of owning a quality dessert shop was conceived. With dedication to provide quality desserts they scoured Asia seeking the recipes and ingredients of tasty and delectable desserts.

Leveraging on the wealth of experience of various chefs from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and through months of intensive training, they learnt the art of creating high quality desserts.

Adopting Southeast Asia and Singapore local gourmet, and coupled with the freshest ingredients, the exclusive Ji De Chi™️ Recipe was made, perfectly suited for any discerning palate. That year was 2004.

Many years on, since the founding, from one dessert outlet they now own nine and a Central Kitchen. From the first bowl of dessert served, Ji De Chi™️ became a household name and a popular dessert haunt among consumers of different age groups who love their quality ‘Taste of Asia’ desserts in Singapore. It has also won the respect and appreciation of both local consumers and tourists.


Paya Lebar Square #01-56

Ji De Chi

60 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-56, Singapore 409051