Stacked @Bistro Bytes i12 Katong


Stacked @Bistro Bytes

The menu features a variety of sandwich options, including Bitchy Bacon, Sassy Seafood, Malicious Mala Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Slutty Egg, Bulogi Short Ribs, Ebi Sakura, Mala Pork Belly, and more.

Stacked @Bistro Bytes i12 Katong

Stacked @Bistro Bytes is a food establishment located in i12 Katong, Singapore. It is part of the Bistro Bytes concept, which offers a curated selection of food and beverage brands in one location. Stacked @Bistro Bytes specializes in artisanal sandwiches that are hand-kneaded and made in limited production daily.


i12 Katong Mall - #02-12/14

Stacked @Bistro Bytes Location

Address: 112 E Coast Rd, #02-12/14 i12 Katong, Singapore 428802

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