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Fico Masseria Review: Best Italian East Coast?


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Fico Masseria Review Exterior

Fico Masseria Review: 🍝 Hold onto your Italian taste buds and prepare for a culinary experience that’s worth every forkful! If you’re on the prowl for a dining experience that’ll make your taste buds happy, you’re in the right place. Islifearecipe is about to dive headfirst into the delectable world of our Fico Masseria Review, on the East Coast Parkway.

Fico Masseria is the Italian eatery in Singapore that everyone’s buzzing about, thanks to its Michelin-starred chef, Mirko Febbrile, and a menu that’s nothing short of a masterpiece, albeit a little secret. It’s super-hard to get a booking, I even had to use a little persuasion of being a blogger haha, my alter-ego has its perks sometimes. I know of others who have been on a waiting list since the place opened.

Now, why should you keep reading? Picture this: Handmade pasta that melts in your mouth with a perfect al dente, dishes inspired by the rustic charm of Italy, and a touch of culinary magic crafted by Chef Mirko Febbrile. It’s a tantalizing journey and a wonderful dining experience in this most gorgeous of locales. So, grab a napkin, and let’s dig into the delectable details that make Fico Masseria THE culinary gem of East Coast Park! 🍷🍕 Read on for much more in our Fico Masseria Review.

I double love this video. I mean how gorgeous does that cheese spaghetti look? Plus, you know me by now, I LOVE FOOD THEATRE. So seeing this being made next to me and having those countertop seats all add to the dining wonder. But to double-whammy this, this is Chef Angie, ex-Asador and creator of one of the most incredible desserts of all time: deconstructed Snickers… We haven’t even started the Fico Masseria Review yet… 

Fico Masseria Review exterior from beach

Fico Masseria Review: the ambience...

Stepping into Fico Masseria is like entering a coastal oasis where the charm of Italy meets the breezy allure of East Coast Park. The decor of this Italian gem is a seamless blend of rustic sophistication and seaside comfort, creating an ambiance that complements the culinary experience. It is such a difference to the restaurant that was there before – like a total facelift to this net-new stunner.

The interior exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere with a palette of earthy tones, reminiscent of the Puglia region that inspires Chef Mirko Febbrile’s culinary creations. Wooden accents, exposed brick walls, and subtle nods to Italian craftsmanship contribute to the restaurant’s cozy yet elegant vibe. I love the hanging dried herbs and pickling jars, love it.

The dining area offers a mix of intimate seating for romantic dinners and communal tables that encourage shared dining experiences. Large windows bathe the space in natural light during the day, while ambient lighting sets the mood in the evening. You can sit al fresco or indoors – due to it being so busy we were squeezed onto the countertop seating, I must try and go al fresco next time – just check those photos.

You cannot ignore the picturesque views that Fico Masseria offers, with glimpses of the serene coastline visible from certain vantage points. The coastal theme extends outdoors to a charming al fresco dining area, where guests can enjoy their meals under the open sky, accentuating the restaurant’s seaside appeal. This will be double amazing, when sometime in late 2024 all the supply vessels migrate around to Tuas with the closing of the port at Pasir Panjang.

In essence, Fico Masseria’s decor is a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity, creating an environment that elevates the dining experience – it truly is just wonderful. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a visual feast that complements the culinary delights served on the table. The attention to detail in the decor at Fico Masseria is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to providing a memorable experience for its diners. It’s a must-try dining location: if you can get in…

Fico Masseria Review Veranda
Fico Masseria Review countertop

Chef Mirko Febbrile, the culinary maestro behind Fico Masseria, is a name paired with excellence in the realm of Italian gastronomy. Hailing from Puglia, Italy, Chef Febbrile brings to the table not just a mastery of the culinary arts but a genuine passion for the flavors and traditions of his homeland: you sense that in the food, you really do. 

With a background rooted in a family that revered the art of cooking, Mirko discovered his fascination for food at a young age, setting him on a journey that would eventually lead to Michelin-starred acclaim.

The chef has a commitment to honest, seasonal cooking that pays homage to the simplicity of Cucina Povera. Cucina Povera is the food the poor of Italy used to cook, dictated by the limited number of ingredients available to them – either what they grew or what little they could afford to buy. This is gonna be so good, folks. 

Mirko’s creations, whether it’s handmade pasta or other Italian classics, reflect a deep understanding of local flavors from home, a keen eye for detail, and a touch of culinary magic that transforms each meal into a memorable experience. The cheese wheel pasta, OMG, the cheese wheel pasta…

Chef Mirko Febbrile’s presence in the kitchen is a testament to Fico Masseria’s commitment to delivering an authentic taste of Italy to the shores of East Coast Park in Singapore. If you get a chance, sit at the countertops ine time and watch him conducting the kitchen orchestra. It’s a sight to be seen. A truly great investment from the Lo and Behold Group.

Fico Masseria Review interior dining
Fico Masseria Review dried hanging herbs

Fico Masseria Review: It’s a simple, no-frills, and relatively small menu. Don’t let that put you off because what is on offer is exceptional, and believe me we gorged to the point of food coma today, and spoke continuously about what we’d be ordering next time we visit here. Like the: 1/ Charcoal-Grilled Octopus with Murgia Chickpeas, Thyme, and Friggitelli. 2/ Fico Seafood Platter with Oysters, Red Prawns, and Scampi. 3/ Beef Costata 1-1.2KG, serves 4-5 Grass-Fed Bone-in Ribeye…

Goodness me. There’s the next lunch menu order already locked down. Chef, be seeing you soon my friend.

Fico Masseria states: A seasonal menu guided by Cucina Povera, a waste-not-want-not approach that sees humble ingredients transformed into sharing dishes that please every palate and nourish the soul.  They are proud to bring in grains, cheese, olive oil, vegetables, and seafood sourced directly from Puglia, a first in Singapore. Perhaps the Italian Trade Ambassador should do what our mate Antonio the Spanish Trade Ambassador has done with ICEX Restaurants from Spain

Fico Masseria recommends sharing: 1x Focaccina, 1x cheese, 1x small plate, 1x pasta, 1x main, and a dessert to finish.

Fico Masseria Review tomato mozzarella bread


San Marzano Tomatoes, Bufala Mozzarella, Basil, and EVOO. A super-fresh salad on the lightest crispy, fluffy bread. They call these Focaccina, and they are sublime.

fico masseria review cheese focaccina


Red Onions of Acquaviva, with Goat Milk Blue Cheese, Fior di Latte, Fried Sage, and Sulla Honey. This was an absolute belter, man I devoured this in the blink of an eye – hence the food coma I referenced earlier. Just a brilliant dish. Loved it – must-try!!! Made with 80% semolina and 20% Tipo Flour, it’s nutrient-rich, wheaty, and very airy, with a scrumptious crunch. So good!!!

Fico Masseria Review


Fried Shrimp, Lovage, and Salsa Verde. Again, from me, no comment haha. Although I have cooked my very own version of this before. This looks like some beer food on steroids though. I wish I could munch on these, staring at the sea with an icy cold libation in hand… Woof!!!

Fico Masseria Review clam spaghetti


Linguine Vongole, Vermentino DOC. Clearly, you’re not going to get a review from me on this dish, but suffice it to say Wifey did not speak for about 10 minutes after this was served up. At one point I thought she was also going to eat the shells… There’s a good sign. What I will say is that is one stunning plate, and yet again I am kicking myself for not liking seafood. 

Fico Masseria Review jamon


Prosciutto 24 months aged. ooooh so good. Intense ham flavor, furth intensified by that aging, with melt-in-the-mouth softness. 

Fico Masseria Review osso buco pasta

Fico Masseria Review MAFALDINE OSSO BUCO @ $30

Mafaldine Ossobuco, Almonds, Primitivo di Puglia. Oh boy was this yummy. Strawb ordered this and before she consumed it in the blink of an eye I managed to grab a bite. Now I would eat bowl after bowl if this if in the UK on a cold winter’s night… This is some comfort food alright. The Mafaldine pasta was incredible with that unctuous sauce and cheese glued to it. Wowser, what a cracker.

fico masseria review cheese spaghetti


For two portions (minimum order). Spaghetti, Cacio e Pepe, served from a Pecorino Wheel. Stop the bus. Stop the pasta bus. This is one of the very best pasta dishes this fat hairy face has ever eaten. Intense bitey cheese, perfect al dente pasta, and a stunning warmth and punch from the black pepper. This is a winner. Just make sure there are two of you so you can order this one, you really don’t want to miss out on ordering this. It’s a cracker – just check that video above. 

Fico Masseria Review bbq pork

Fico Masseria Review BLACK PORK @ $43

Black Pork, with Parmigiano, Colatura, and Red Endive. WOOF, or rather SQUEAL (with delight). This was delicious, simply delicious, and as tender as any pork I gave had before. The Parmigiano foam was a genius touch and the Colatura seasoned the pork to a heavenly state. Colatura is an Italian, aged fish sauce for those not in the know.  What a wonderful dish this was. Bravo chef.

Fico Masseria Review cannelloni dessert


Oooooh this was soooo good. I’m a savory guy, and this hit all those buttons and some. The crunch of the casing was insane, the piping was zesty and fluffy as a cloud, and then the super-savory addition of fresh pistachio. Simple, yes, complex in flavor and textures HELL yes!!!

Fico Masseria Review mozzarella ice cream


My goodness gracious me. Perhaps the best gelato you’ll ever eat. Come on who doesn’t like the taste of a really good burrata mozzarella? That soft texture and super-creamy flavor, well there you go all that and more is in this gelata. Crazy good, and pairs to perfection with the strawberry compote, which is a little tart. Absolutely amazing finish, and the topping to the food coma…

Fico Masseria Review pickling jars

The streets of Italy at wind-swept East Coast Park—crunchy, gooey Panzerotti, slices of Fico’s signature Focaccina, heaping spoonfuls of freshly churned gelato, pastries… and how about a refreshing drink for the hot afternoon sun? Take a little life with you at Fico’s takeaway kiosk.

Our little Italian seaside destination is a champion of living better, not faster. From humble ingredients to genuine, no-frills hospitality, there is so much potential in the simplest things in life. We hope you see how much sweeter life can be if we just give a fig about it!
A space to share wonderful moments with the people that matter most, or to kick back and simply savor life. Fico was designed and inspired by the masserias of Italy—with both Singaporean and Puglian artisans breathing life into our home with thoughtfully crafted pieces.

In conclusion, my culinary experience at Fico Masseria was nothing short of wonderful. From the very first bite of their handmade pasta, this restaurant proved to be a hidden gem on the shores of East Coast Park. Chef Mirko Febbrile’s Michelin-starred expertise shines through in every dish, offering a true taste of Italy right here in Singapore, in fact you get transported off to Mediterranean climbs as you sit here: that’s a skill you can’t learn. 

We really did enjoy our lunch this day – all supported by food theatre over the countertops and being served table-side by the Chefs. Yes, we love that sort of thing.

The commitment to seasonal ingredients, the inviting seaside ambiance, and the emphasis on sharing dishes (you know I love that, come on so ChillaxBBQ-esque) create a lovely, and memorable dining experience.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Fico Masseria yet, I highly recommend adding it to your culinary bucket list… just persevere to get a booking my friends.

I have one ‘complaint’… On their Facebook site, they state:

“We believe that food is better when you’re not in a rush, that people are much less boring once you take the time to know them, that life is sweeter if you actually give a fig… There is so much to love over mouthfuls of laughter, spoonfuls of good food and tables full of great company. Come and take the time to eat!”

I was enjoying myself so much this day we visited I could have sat for hours more, slowly grazing and drinking, soaking up the stunning scenery and warm sea breezes while listening to cool toonz wafting through the air. But no, 14:55, and my bill had to be paid because at 15:00 we had to leave. The restaurant was closed… Not really living to the ethos ‘painted’ above… just sayin’, but seriously get your bum down here, folks, and ENJOY: Buon Appetito!!!

What is Fico Masseria?Fico Masseria is a restaurant located in East Coast Park, Singapore, offering Italian cuisine.
Who is the chef behind Fico Masseria?The restaurant is led by Chef Mirko Febbrile, a Michelin-starred chef.
What type of cuisine does Fico Masseria serve?Fico Masseria offers honest, seasonal Italian cooking inspired by Cucina Povera, featuring handmade pasta and other Italian specialties.
What sets Fico Masseria apart from other Italian restaurants?Fico Masseria is known for its commitment to using seasonal ingredients and providing a casual, seaside dining experience.
Can you make reservations at Fico Masseria?Yes, you can make reservations, and it’s recommended to contact them directly for larger groups.
Is there a dress code at Fico Masseria?The restaurant has a casual ambiance, so there’s no strict dress code. However, smart-casual attire is typically preferred.
What are some signature dishes at Fico Masseria?Signature dishes include handmade pasta, terrines, and other Italian classics. The menu is designed with sharing dishes in mind.
Is there free parking available at Fico Masseria?Yes, the nearest car park to the restaurant is Car Park F2, where free parking is available.
Are there vegetarian or vegan options on the menu?Yes, Fico Masseria typically offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences.
What’s the overall rating and feedback for Fico Masseria?Fico Masseria has received positive reviews, with an overall rating of 7.5/10 on some platforms. Customers praise its delicious cuisine and charming ambiance.
Address: 1300 East Coast Parkway, East Coast, Singapore, 468964
Telephone: 8121 7208
  •  TUE TO WED, 5.30 — 9PM
  • THU TO SUN, 11.30AM — 9PM

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