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Singaporean Exquisite Chili Lobster Recipe (2023)

Singaporean Chili Crab but with lobster

A Singaporean Chili Crab recipe, but with lobster Singaporean Exquisite Chili Lobster Recipe (2023), is it sacrilege, or is it blasphemy? Yes, folks, I have tackled Singapore’s iconic Chilli Crab, but to make it mine this is Singaporean Chili Crab but with lobster. Oh dear, what have I done? I apologize to the purists. This […]

Beef and Cheese Tortillas

Beef and cheese tortillas

Share Tweet Pinit WhatsApp Beef and Cheese Tortillas Superb snack for the kids (and big kids hence it going to bloke’s category), that takes literally 5 minutes to make. This is really really easy. So come on blokes/Dads get your apron on and get cooking Beef and cheese tortillas for your kids, they’ll love you […]

Satay by the Bay – Pide…

IMG 4670 e1407972864891 Satay by the Bay - Pide...

Have you ever tried Pide? Have you ever had a doner kebab? Have you ever had pizza? Have you ever had doner kebab pizza, with some chili sauce? Nope – well my friends that is indeed what Pide is. A Turkish flatbread, traditionally prepared and served during Ramadan. It can have different toppings, different toppings […]

How to Make Kueh Pie Tee

IMG 4566 e1407972990539 How to Make Kueh Pie Tee

Share Tweet Pinit WhatsApp Have you ever heard of Kueh Pie Tee?   I never had until I saw them at Satay by the Bay. They look real cute, but boy are they tasty and complex little buggers. You buy them in fours. A little similar to Popiah – sort of. Yes it is Nonya, […]