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Parmigiano Ristorante Review: Best Italian in Manila?


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Parmigiano Ristorante Review: A Food Journey to Italy's Heart

Parmigiano Ristorante Review: At Parmigiano Italian Restaurant, they invite you to dine on fine Italian fare that transcends borders and delivers you straight to the heart of Italy. Located in the vibrant streets of Manila, the restaurant stands as a testament to the rich gastronomic heritage of Italy, offering a symphony of flavors meticulously crafted by their team of expert Chefs. It’s a must-try. We’re focusing in at their Gateway location in Manila, but there are more to choose from…

If you’re seeking an authentic Italian dining experience in the heart of Manila, look no further than Parmigiano Restaurant. This establishment has quickly become a local favorite, including that of my Bosses wife Cherry, and for good reason. From the moment you step through the doors, you’re transported to the charming streets of Italy, with the aroma of freshly prepared dishes wafting through the air.

Some photos are courtesy of Parmigiano Authentic Italian Restaurant Facebook
parmigiano ristorante review gateway 2 restaurant review exterior 2

Tucked away on a quiet street in Makati’s bustling district, Parmigiano Italian Restaurant takes its diners to the charming trattorias of Italy with its warm, inviting ambiance. The exterior is unassuming, with a simple awning and elegant script signage hinting at the delicious fare awaiting inside.

As you step through the doors, you’re immediately enveloped in the rustic yet refined interior. Terracotta tile floors, exposed brick walls, and cozy booths crafted from rich, dark woods create an intimate and decidedly Italian feel. Table settings feature crisp white linens, sleek stemware, and pops of green from fresh herb centerpieces. The gentle hum of conversation and aroma of garlic, onions, pizzas and tomatoes simmering in the open kitchen conjure images of an idyllic Roman trattoria.v

As you step through the doors of Parmigiano, you are greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern elegance. The warm hues of terracotta and olive green evoke the quaint charm of a Tuscan villa, while soft lighting and intimate seating arrangements create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. The picture below says it all… You sit and soak it up, it’s calming!!!

parmigiano ristorante reviewgateway 2 restaurant review interior

The menu nat Parmigiano Ristorante is a celebration of the diverse culinary traditions that define Italy and Italian food, from the sun-kissed shores of Sicily to the rolling hills of Tuscany. Each dish is thoughtfully curated to showcase the finest ingredients sourced from both local producers and artisanal suppliers in Italy.

The menu at Parmigiano is also a true testament to the passion and expertise of the culinary team. Each dish is crafted with the finest, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a level of quality that is unparalleled. The standout item, of course, is the restaurant’s namesake – the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which is expertly incorporated into a variety of mouthwatering dishes: see below.

parmigiano ristorante review pizzeria cheese wheel pasta

Begin your culinary journey with our exquisite selection of antipasti, featuring an array of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and marinated vegetables. Indulge in classics such as bruschetta topped with cheese walnuts and honey, or savor the creamy goodness of burrata drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

parmigiano ristorante review pizzeria crostinis

No Italian meal is complete without pasta, and at Parmigiano, they take pride in their handcrafted creations. From silky tagliatelle tossed in a rich ragu sauce to delicate ravioli stuffed with creamy ricotta and spinach, each bite is a testament to the artistry and passion that goes into their pasta-making process.

The tagliata di manzo, tender slices of grilled beef tenderloin atop a bed of pappardelle pasta with mushrooms and red wine demi-glace, is sublime. For those seeking flavors from the sea, the linguine alle vongole, with bouncy noodles tossed with fresh clams, garlic, olive oil and parsley, evokes a laid-back beachside meal in Positano.

But, also, save some space for ‘the Wheel’ where your chosen pasta dish will be stirred around in that hulking Parmigiano cheese wheel, delicately melting the cheese onto the pasta as a decadent sauce. This is the holy f@ck moment of pasta. Right there. Woof!!!

parmigiano ristorante pizzeria mushroom pasta

For the main course, indulge in an array of dishes that showcase the bounty of both land and sea. Sink your teeth into tender osso buco served with saffron risotto, or sample the succulent grilled sea bass drizzled with lemon-infused olive oil. Pair your meal with a glass of fine Italian wine for the perfect culinary experience.

parmigiano ristorante review pizzeria jamon pizza

At Parmigiano Ristorante in Manila, the pizza selection is a testament to the artistry and tradition of Italian cuisine. Each pizza is crafted with care and precision, starting with a perfectly crisp and chewy crust that serves as the foundation for a symphony of flavors. From classic Margherita adorned with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to indulgent options like the Quattro Formaggi, where a blend of four cheeses creates a creamy, savory delight, there’s something to satisfy every palate. 

For those craving a taste of the sea, the Frutti di Mare pizza boasts a bounty of seafood treasures atop a bed of tangy tomato sauce, while vegetarians will delight in options like the Verdure, featuring a colorful medley of roasted vegetables and aromatic herbs. Whether you prefer simplicity or bold combinations, the pizzas at Parmigiano Ristorante are sure to transport you to the bustling pizzerias of Naples with every bite.

parmigiano manila review pepperoni pizza

Finish your meal on a sweet note with our decadent selection of desserts. Indulge in classics such as tiramisu layered with espresso-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cream, or treat yourself to the creamy goodness of panna cotta served with fresh berries and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.

At Parmigiano, they believe that exceptional food should be accompanied by impeccable service. Their team of dedicated staff is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your dining experience is nothing short of perfection, from the moment you walk through the doors to the final sip of your espresso.

What truly sets Parmigiano apart, however, is the exceptional service. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely committed to ensuring each guest has an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic evening or a lively gathering with friends, Parmigiano delivers on every level.

parmigiano ristorante review pizzeria red wine cheers

Whether you’re craving a taste of Italy or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, Parmigiano Italian Restaurant welcomes you with open arms. Come join us and discover why we are the Gateway to Manila’s vibrant culinary scene.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Parmigiano Restaurant in Manila, you’re truly missing out. This establishment is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of authentic Italian cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Prepare to be captivated by the flavors, the ambiance, and the overall dining experience that Parmigiano has to offer.

parmigiano ristorante pizzeria review fruit pizza

In wrapping up our culinary journey at Parmigiano Ristorante in Gateway Manila, it’s evident that this establishment is more than just a restaurant—it’s a transportation to the authentic flavors of Italy. From the moment we stepped inside, we were greeted by an ambiance that transported us to the charming streets of Italy, with every detail meticulously curated to evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality. As we delved into the menu, each dish proved to be a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the skill and passion of the chefs behind the scenes.

From the delicate antipasti to the hearty main courses and indulgent desserts, every bite at Parmigiano Ristorante was a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary heritage. Coupled with impeccable service and a commitment to excellence, dining here was truly a memorable experience that left us craving for more. Parmigiano Ristorante at Gateway Manila promises an unforgettable dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for another visit.

“Parmigiano is a beloved Italian restaurant known for its authentic pizzas, pastas, and other comfort dishes. The exciting new branch in Araneta City marks Parmigiano’s 5th store opening in the country, and the first branch to bring its signature Italian flavors to the northern side of the metro.”

Other Locations for Parmigiano Ristorante:

  • Alabang 0927 8847535
  • Newport 0917 9377795
  • Uptown BGC 0966 6637803 
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