Monster Curry
This quintessential spicy dish is served in 35cm and 41cm sized plates where patrons can share their monstrous plates of nectareous curry with family and friends. Some of the restaurant’s signatures are the Monster Combo Curry, Cheese Omelette Curry, Chicken Katsu Curry, Shrimp Tempura Curry and The Ebi Powerpuff. 
Visit Monster Curry at Bugis Junction and tantalise your taste buds with authentic Japanese Curry!

Monster Curry Bugis Junction

Japanese curry specialty house – Monster Curry has been heating up taste buds in Singapore since 2012. The brand is managed by Japanese restaurant operator – Toridoll, who also owns a profile of companies such as Wok to Walk, Marugame, Pokeworks and Tokyo Table. Monster Curry has since gained a mass following by Singaporeans, where the company has expanded to over 13 outlets island-wide. 

Monster Curry prides itself on its signature Demi-glace sauce made from 14 different spices and vegetables. 

After undergoing a rigorous 2-day cooking process, it becomes a luscious, full-bodied curry sauce. With 5 degrees of spice levels, customers can expect to be stimulated by the sweltering heat sauce made from garlic, chilli padi, celery and ginger. 


Monster Curry Bugis Junction B1-04, B1-K24

+65 6226 1708

Monster Curry Bugis Junction Address & Telephone

Address: 200 Victoria Street B1-04/K24 Bugis Junction, 188021

Telephone: +65 6266 1708

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