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Scentopia Review: Best things to do on Sentosa


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Scentopia Review: Scentopia is literally nestled amid the lush greenery and tropical splendor of Sentosa Island, a captivating sanctuary dedicated to the art and science of perfumery and scentology. This one-of-a-kind attraction invites visitors to embark on a multisensory journey, delving into the fascinating world of fragrances and their profound connections to memory, emotion, and culture. This place is scent-sational.

And, yes, you do walk out of here having created your very own fragrance blend tailored to you. It’s just such an awesome experience. We went in today eyes wide open, and we left chattering about just how cool it was as an experience. An experience, that is unique as you have a lasting memory with you always (well as long as the bottle lasts, AKA another reason to go back). I did think to myself: your scent blend choices are made on your mood that day, how far would those choices be apart the next time…

scentopia review singapore sentosa

If you’re seeking a truly immersive and captivating sensory experience, you need look no further than Scentopia at Sentosa. It is a unique Sentosa attraction offering us punters the chance to take a short walk through the world of scent, uncovering the profound impact it can have on our emotions, memories, and overall well-being. You really do walk out of this place HAPPY!!!

I’m surprised not to see Tom Cruise in here, cos he’s got good nose, and he’s into Scentology (I think…).

scentopia review singapore sentosa form filling

My girls doing their smelly homework. This was a special day today as Amy turned sixteen, so where better to have her birthday party than making your own perfume present – your sixteen perfume, no less!!! Very memorable.

Following two photos ‘borrowed’ from Scentopia web site, as ours were all dog-eared by the time we got home…

Here you answer some basic questions about you, your likes and preferences which allows the questionnaire to hone in on your personal preferences of scent profiles. Yes, it is absolutely a science program and completely immersive. This gives you the profiles of scents you then need to go forage for. 

When I say forage I mean you wander around five different zones, each packed with different fragrance and smell types and choose your favourites aligned to the number ‘of’ from that zone in your personality test. Simple right. Sh!t did I just confuse myself? Five zones: Citrus, Woody, Oriental, Floral, and Fresh. 


As you forage you basically choose your favourite scent oils from the zones and smear them on the sample sheets. That creates two samples for you to then choose one, which becomes your very own, bespoke and unique perfume…

scentopia review singapore sentosa with the Scentopia crew 1
scentopia review singapore sentosa with the scentopia crew 2

At Scentopia, you’ll be guided through interactive exhibits, including AR, that delve into the science and art of fragrance. From understanding the intricate notes that compose a perfume bespoke to you to learn how scent can evoke powerful feelings, this experience is a must-visit for anyone curious about the power of the olfactory sense (AKA smell, folks – yeah I want all science there, sorry).

scentopia review singapore sentosa the girls mixing scents

Not a House DJ or Cocktail Maker in site, but there sure is some mixing going on here… 2-squirts of each of the ten chosen oils to make up your own personal concoction, then some additional perform oil to break down the alcohol and you’re off to the races, or pub, or night-club, or beach, or even lunch as we were…

scentopia review singapore sentosa 100 bottles of scent

Over ONE HUNDRED different scents to choose from, and you end up with your TEN, to make your very own smelling brew… I like this Scentopia Review very much! It’s bringing back great memories of our fun hour!

scentopia review singapore sentosa mixing

And just two squirts of each scent is all it needs. This is powerful stuff here ladies and gentlemen.

scentopia review singapore sentosa pouring perfume

Once you have your 2x quirts of ten in your cup it is time to pour that into your chosen perform bottle, add a little oil and give her a good shale and phhhhhht you get your first whiff of your very own hand-made and extremely unique Scentopia Perfume. WOOF!!!

scentopia review singapore sentosa perfume handbags

Choose your very own perfume bottle carrier. My girls went for the little handbags, very Gucchi ladies… Seems like a scent-sible choice to me.

This is genius. We bought a couple of these, one for each lady… So you’re allergic to alcohol and can’t wear perfume: BOOMSKI, look no further than Scentopia Sentosa. They have Smellery. OK, kind of what I made up. It’s jewellery that smells. A bracelet, a necklace.. pop only the little magnet clasp and inside is a little sponge that you can soak your fragrant oil on. 

Lasts for up to eight hours and I’ll vouch for that having to share a rather pungent taxi home with the two well doused ladies. But, lovely smells, it has to be said.

scentopia review singapore sentosa bracelet oils

I really love fragrances, but to some people it just doesn’t make scents, and man alive, I really do love this place. Scentopia you have NAILED it, not an iPhone or iPad in sight – great job well done. Just people fully captive and immersive in the experience. Everyone was chatting and having fun, pure fun – oh yeah and they gave all the men a free beer at the end DOUBLE-WHAMMY!!! #BEPROUD Scentopia!!!

scentopia review singapore sentosa girls with scent bags

Through carefully curated scent experiences, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own personalized fragrance, explore the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and even uncover the cultural significance of scent in various traditions across the ages. All in one small-ish place on the beaches of Sentosa. I am pretty certain it will forever change the way you perceive and appreciate the world of scent: no grab a bottle from the duty free here at Scentopia, you curate your own scent, just yours!!!

My girls had a blast, and we were talking about it, and smelling for hours after. A brilliant borthday gift for Strawb, as you’ll see above; VERY Happy Campers!!! I am trying so hard not to get scent-imental here.

I am actually going to use this statement to close out. I am you know, I just am. I just loved that word I used before. Hoping you all go off and Google it, but… Take this this fragrant odyssey, as we did, indulge your noses in the intoxicating aromas, and let Scentopia awaken your olfactory senses, creating smelling memories that will linger long after your visit: all over your body.

It really is one of the best things to do on SentosaScentopia Review: Over and out: MUST-TRY!!!

To close again… I don’t know of you noticed a number of scent puns throughout? Well, the reason being is that Scentopia have a Fragrance Pun Page on their web site: So here’s some new content guys, you just have to sniff it out in the Scentopia Review

100 ml @ $125 and 50 ml @ $95

Make a signature scent perfume, based on your personality, with orchid-infused oils. What you will do:

  1. Take perfume personality test. This is printed in several languages for your convenience.
  2. The perfumer will explain the result.
  3. You will be requested to choose your 10 scent wands, based on your test results. You will be recording this on the formula sheet provided
  4. You are now ready to make your sample.
  5. When done, please pass your formula sheet to the perfume bar. They will create the final bottle for hygiene reasons. Rest assured, no one had touched those essential oils

Scentopia is latest tourist attraction at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. We aim to focus on Singapore’s unique floral heritage and assist tourists and locals in creating their Signature scent based on their personality. Our dedication to innovation led us to create a fully digitised & touchless perfume-making bar. The perfumery is also Augmented reality enabled with 300+ free-to-use art work in the metaverse.

eMail: ​
Telephone: ​+65 8031 7081

Getting There: Scentopia is conveniently located within the Sentosa Island Resort, accessible by various modes of transportation, including the Sentosa Express monorail, public buses, and even by walking across the picturesque Sentosa Boardwalk from VivoCity.

Open daily from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM with last perfume making starting at 6:00 PM.

Disclaimer: Scentopia did give us vouchers for two perfume-making experiences. But we did spend substantially on top of that, and I truly hope that you read from the blog the enjoyment that we had this day – paid or not paid, this is a VERY honest review, believe me… We’ll be back for certain!!!

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