Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen

Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen is a Vietnamese culinary concept by Arteastiq Group located in Singapore. It aims to take diners through Vietnam’s rich gastronomic history, offering an experiential journey into the country’s culture and soul. The restaurant’s menu serves as a roadmap for exploring Vietnam’s history and diverse cuisine. 

Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen

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Paper Rice takes diners through Vietnam’s rich gastronomic history, with its menu serving as a roadmap for exploring the country’s history, culture and soul. Featuring Mekong specialities such as the Gà nướng đồng quê (Hand Pulled Spring Chicken) and the Cá chiên sốt me cay (Deep Fried Seabass with Spicy Tamarind Sauce), the menu also pays homage to the country’s regional diversity with a selection of pho bowls from North, Central and South Vietnam, as well as the traditional Vietnamese drip coffee and the Cà Phê Trúng, egg coffee originating from Hanoi. Our favourites were fresh spring rolls to deep-fried tiger prawns wrapped in crispy rice paper! 


Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen #B1-26/27

6443 1261

11am to 9pm

Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen Changi City Point Address & Telephone

Address: #B1, #26/27, Singapore 486038
Telephone: +65 6443 1261