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Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore: A Celebration of Authentic Italian Flavors


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Join us at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center from January 22nd to 26th, 2024, for the much-anticipated Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore. This event promises to be a 360° showcase of Italy's finest culinary traditions, right here in Southeast Asia.

Join us at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center from January 22nd to 26th, 2024, for the much-anticipated Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore. This event promises to be a 360° showcase of Italy’s finest culinary traditions, right here in Southeast Asia.

Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center Address: 1 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039593

Categories to Explore:

  1. Wine & Spirits: Sip on exquisite Italian wines and spirits, each telling a unique story of heritage and craftsmanship. Prepare for a sensory journey with wine tastings and masterclasses led by renowned experts.
  2. Olive Oil & Condiments: Discover the liquid gold of Italy with a selection of premium olive oils. Learn about the art of olive oil production against the backdrop of a rustic, olives-on-wood setting.
  3. Frozen Food: Explore the convenience of Italian frozen foods without compromising on taste. Delight in Italian Mozzarella Pizza and other frozen delicacies that bring Italy to your table.
  4. Sweets & Bakery: Indulge in a sweet escape with Italian pastries and desserts. From traditional sweets to innovative bakery items, your sweet tooth will thank you.
  5. Pasta: Immerse yourself in the world of Italian pasta. Experience a diverse range of pasta types set against the backdrop of a dynamic pasta-themed display.
  6. Beverage & Coffee: Quench your thirst with a variety of Italian beverages and coffees. From fruit juices to the rich aroma of Italian espresso, refresh yourself with Italy’s finest drinks.

Each category represents the depth and diversity of Italian culinary artistry, bringing together tradition and innovation. Whether you are a B2B professional or a food and wine enthusiast, this event offers something for everyone.

Distinguished Speakers at Italian Food & Wine Week

We’re thrilled to announce an exceptional roster of speakers, each a luminary in their field, ready to enrich your experience at the Italian Food & Wine Week.

  1. Alessandro Conti: CEO of “Coalition of Italian Manufacturers,” Alessandro is a leading figure in the Italian manufacturing sector, bringing insights from the top echelons of industry leadership.
  2. Pamela Cellupica: A renowned Wine Expert and Export Manager, Pamela will share her extensive knowledge of Italian wines, offering a deep dive into the subtleties of wine tasting and selection.
  3. Gary Ong: Founder of “Waved Beverages,” Gary is an innovator in the beverage industry, known for his forward-thinking approach to drink creation and brand development.
  4. Gianfranco Scozzi: As the Director of “Sapori Italiani,” Gianfranco brings a wealth of experience in Italian flavors and culinary trends, offering a unique perspective on the industry’s future.
  5. Isadora Noble: Co-Founder of “Pop Wine,” Isadora is a trailblazer in wine innovation, blending traditional techniques with modern twists to create exceptional wine experiences.
  6. Somik Banerjee: Director of Operation at “Shangri-La Cebu,” Somik’s expertise in hospitality management and operation offers invaluable insights into the world of luxury dining and service excellence.
  7. Wei Shan Tan: A celebrated Chef & CEO of “Mixsense Private Dining,” Wei Shan’s culinary expertise and innovative approach to Italian cuisine will surely inspire food enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Each speaker will offer their unique perspectives, sharing knowledge and experiences that span the spectrum of the Italian food and wine industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights from these industry leaders!

What You Will Discover at Italian Food & Wine Week

Prepare to immerse yourself in a multifaceted Italian culinary experience, crafted for both B2B professionals and Food & Wine enthusiasts.

  • B2B Trade Show: Experience the grandeur of the largest exhibition dedicated to Made in Italy products. A unique opportunity to engage directly with brand owners and sample their exceptional products, hand-selected for their quality and authenticity.
  • Tastings & Masterclasses: Dive into a world of exquisite tastings, where you’ll savor the rich flavors of Italy. Master the art of Italian cuisine in our interactive masterclasses designed for both novices and connoisseurs.
  • Shopping Event: Discover and purchase unique Italian products, previously unseen in Southeast Asia. This shopping extravaganza is perfectly timed for those looking for exceptional gifts just in time for the Chinese New Year!

This event is not just an exhibition; it’s a comprehensive Italian experience, offering a unique blend of professional opportunities and culinary delight. Whether you’re looking to forge new business connections or simply indulge in the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine, Italian Food & Wine Week is the place to be!

Discover Italy's Finest A Showcase of Exceptional Brands at Italian Food & Wine Week

Discover Italy’s Finest: A Showcase of Exceptional Brands at Italian Food & Wine Week

The Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore is not just an event; it’s a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary heritage, featuring some of the most prestigious and innovative brands from Italy:

  1. Della Peruta Vincenzo: Dive into the authentic taste of Italy with Della Peruta’s tomato sauces. A family-run business, they have evolved from SAN MARZANO SUD Srl to DELLA PERUTA VINCENZO SPA, showcasing their expertise in tomato processing with a strong export focus.
  2. Caffè Karoma: Experience the rich, aromatic world of Italian coffee. Feio srl, with its Karoma and Kenya Caffè brands, combines traditional Neapolitan techniques with modern innovation, offering top-quality Espresso products certified by UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and HCCTP.
  3. Rubicone: Indulge in the art of gelato with Rubicone, pioneers in artisanal gelato bases since the 1950s. They offer innovative gelato ingredients and specialized services, including product customization and comprehensive customer support.
  4. Gia: GIA provides a practical kitchen solution with a range of condiments, including garlic, chili, tomato, and onion pastes, pesto, and more, all contained in convenient aluminum tubes.
  5. Vinegar Bellei: Acetaia Bellei, a respected vinegar maker from Modena, is dedicated to producing high-quality, aged Balsamic Vinegar while focusing on sustainability and solar-powered production.
  6. Casa Milo: Explore Casa Milo’s extensive range of dry, organic, fresh, and egg pasta, along with sauces, condiments, and taralli, all boasting top certifications like BRCGS, ISO9001, and HALAL.
  7. Cerasus Sanguine: Discover the unique blend of cherry balsamic vinegar and chocolate from Cerasus Sanguine, a product that combines sensory experiences with contemporary elegance.
  8. La Pasta di Aldo: Enjoy the premium quality of Aldo’s Pasta, featuring handcrafted egg pasta made with traditional methods and high-quality ingredients.
  9. Tartufo del Poggio: Delight in a variety of exquisite truffle products, ranging from black to white, summer to burgundy truffles, available in fresh, frozen, or preserved forms.
  10. Acetificio Mengazzoli: Since 1962, Mengazzoli has been transforming local traditions into global flavors, with a range extending from wine to apple vinegars and Balsamic Creams.
  11. Pujje: Savor the cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Pujje, a product embodying the heart and tradition of Apulia with hand-picked olives.
  12. Masseria dei Nunzi: Nestled in the hills of Sannio, Masseria dei Nunzi produces extra virgin olive oil that reflects the authenticity of the land, combining traditional farming with modern techniques.
  13. La Gallinara: Specializing in authentic Italian condiments, La Gallinara offers a range made from carefully selected ingredients like basil, arugula, and Taggiasca olives.
  14. Pasta Meliora: From dry pasta to bakery products, Pasta Meliora represents Italian innovation and quality, a family business transitioning from olive oil to pasta and baked goods.
  15. Lome Super Fruit: Lome Super Fruit combines tradition with innovation in farming pomegranates, aronia, and Goji berries, producing 100% natural, additive-free Italian juices.
  16. Garda Foodie: Experience the exceptional pastry creations of Garda Foodie Bakery, where creativity and quality blend seamlessly in a historic villa setting.
  17. Dolce Olio: Specializing in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dolce Olio srl focuses on sustainable practices and high-quality ingredients, bringing over 50 years of family tradition from Sicily’s Belice Valley.
  18. Autentica Italiana: Enjoy premium frozen pasta and ready-made meals, combining authentic taste with convenience for a variety of palates.
  19. Mencarelli – Cocoa Passion: Paolo Mencarelli, a Maître Chocolatier, brings innovation to chocolate with unique blends and Mediterranean aromas, rooted in the rich traditions of the Marche region.
  20. ROI: Since 1900, the Roi family has expanded their craftsmanship from olive oil to include extra virgin olive oil, beer, gin, and condiments, making them a globally recognized brand.
  21. Caffè L’Antico: Discover the high-quality coffee roasting and blending techniques of Caffè L’Antico, a four-generation family business led by Dr. Dante Cagliari, known for its unique slow roasting and air cooling methods.

Each of these brands represents the excellence and diversity of Italian culinary craftsmanship, offering attendees a taste of Italy’s best.

Italian Wines Spirits A Toast to Tradition and Innovation Italian Food & Wine Week in Singapore: A Celebration of Authentic Italian Flavors

Italian Wines & Spirits: A Toast to Tradition and Innovation

Italian Food & Wine Week proudly showcases an impressive selection of Italian wines and spirits, each brand representing the rich viticultural heritage and innovative spirit of Italy:

  1. Rapinzeri (Sicily): Discover wines with unique freshness and aromatic expressions from Rapinzeri, reflecting a modern approach and the ideal climate and soil of Trapani, Sicily.
  2. Ival Liquori (Abruzzo): Experience the traditional Abruzzese liqueurs crafted by the Iannamico family since 1888, including the renowned IVAL bitter, a testament to over 130 years of heritage.
  3. Tenuta dei Tigli (Abruzzo): Savor the distinct flavors of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC, Cococciola IGT, Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC, and Pecorino IGT, showcasing Abruzzo’s winemaking excellence.
  4. Nativ Wine (Campania): Delight in a range of award-winning wines from Campania, including Aglianico DOC, Greco di Tufo DOCG, Taurasi DOCG, and more, representing the region’s rich wine culture.
  5. Antico Colle (Tuscany): Enjoy top-quality Tuscan wines such as Riserva Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG and Rosso di Montepulciano DOC, embodying the essence of Tuscany’s winemaking tradition.
  6. Cantine Virgili (Emilia Romagna): Explore a variety of wines including Lambrusco Provincia di Mantova I.G.T. and Spumante, showcasing the unique flavors of Emilia Romagna.
  7. Celledoni (Friuli Venezia Giulia): Taste high-quality wines from a family winery, including Sauvignon, Friulano, and Verduzzo, reflecting the rich wine heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
  8. Cantina di Tortona (Piedmont): Experience a range of Piedmontese wines like Colli Tortonesi DOC and Barbera, highlighting the region’s diverse and rich wine portfolio.
  9. Tenuta Cavalier Pepe (Campania): Indulge in multiple award-winning wines from Campania, including Taurasi DOCG and Fiano di Avellino DOCG, showcasing the best of the region.
  10. Naturae (Lombardy): Discover eco-friendly spirits from Lombardy, offering organic alcohol, 100% recycled glass bottles, and a commitment to sustainability with their ‘Green package.’
  11. Francoli Group (Piedmont): Enjoy a range of spirits and wines from a company known for its sustainable practices, encompassing grappa and other liqueurs.
  12. Trevitis (Piedmont): Savor renowned wines like Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG, a testament to Piedmont’s prestigious wine-making tradition.
  13. Gualdo Del Re (Tuscany): Experience high-quality Tuscan wines including Suvereto DOCG Merlot and Costa Toscana IGT Pinot Nero, reflecting the region’s rich wine culture.
  14. Rocche della Sala (Sicily): Enjoy organic wines like Nero D’Avola DOC and Grillo DOC, representing the unique flavors and traditions of Sicilian winemaking.
  15. La Valdotaine (Piedmont): Delight in spirits infused with rare mountain botanicals, including Gin and Alps Vermouth, crafted with traditional methods and embodying the essence of the Alps.
  16. La Torraccia del Piantavigna (Piedmont): Explore multiple award-winning wines such as Nebbiolo DOC and Ghemme DOCG, showcasing the excellence of Piedmontese winemaking.
  17. Colle Uncinano (Umbria): Taste a variety of Umbrian wines like Trebbiano Spoletino and Sangiovese, each reflecting the unique terroir and winemaking heritage of Umbria.

Each of these brands brings a slice of Italy’s rich wine and spirits tradition to Singapore, offering an unparalleled tasting experience that spans the diverse regions of Italy.

Flos Olei Presents: A World of Exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Flos Olei Presents: A World of Exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Italian Food & Wine Week is honored to host an exclusive range of the world’s finest EVO oils, curated by Flos Olei, with selections from Italy and the Mediterranean area. Experience the diversity and richness of these oils at the Flos Olei – Oil Bar.

  1. Frantoio Pruneti: With roots in San Polo in Chianti, the Pruneti family’s shift to specialized olive oil production has garnered international recognition and numerous awards, representing a commitment to quality and innovation.
  2. Franci: Since the 1950s, Frantoio Franci has been renowned for its high-quality olive oils, especially the Villa Magra Gran Cru. Under Giorgio Franci’s leadership, they’ve achieved global acclaim.
  3. Agrolaguna (Croatia): A prominent Istrian company specializing in wine, olive oil, and cheese. Their brands Vina Laguna, Ol Istria, and Istarski sirevi Špin have earned numerous awards, cultivated on 1200 hectares.
  4. I&P: Near Bologna, I&P offers unique mono-varietal olive oils from small groves, each oil distinct in taste, reflecting its origin and enhancing culinary art.
  5. Casas de Hualdo (Spain): From traditional farming to sustainable agriculture, the Hualdo Estate has developed a globally recognized olive oil brand, focusing on ecological practices.
  6. Tenute Librandi: Rooted in Calabria’s Arbëreshë community, they specialize in organic farming, producing high-quality olives and citrus fruits with a legacy of excellence.
  7. Olio GangaLupo: The Girone-Bisceglie family produces quality olive oil from Coratina olive trees, combining tradition and innovation in their 15-hectare estate.
  8. Frantoio Battaglini: Since 1935 in Bolsena, the Battaglini family has been producing olive oil, focusing on sustainability and quality across their 12-hectare estate.
  9. Trappéto di Caprafico: Specializing in olive oil and wine, the Masciantonio farm has been producing high-quality products since 1948, continuing a family tradition that dates back to the 19th century.
  10. Frantoio Batta: Established in 1923 near Perugia, Italy, they specialize in olive cultivation, blending modern technologies with quality and tradition.
  11. Accademia Olearia: Offering the finest Trentino wines and Garda Trentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they are dedicated to quality and local sourcing.
  12. Oro Bailen (Spain): Employing traditional methods and sustainable practices, Oro Bailen ensures high-quality olive harvests, viewing their groves as natural oil factories.
  13. Castillo de Canena (Spain): A leader in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they focus on high-end products and unique culinary creations using diverse olive varieties.
  14. Marfuga: Azienda Agraria MARFUGA, led by Francesco Gradassi, emphasizes quality in Umbria, producing exceptional, limited olive oils with a distinct flavor.
  15. Bonamini: Excelling in olive oil production from their 21-hectare estate, they focus on sustainability and collaborate with the University of Padova for health and cosmetic products.
  16. Titone: Producing high-quality, organic olive oil since 1936, the Titone family in Sicily uses olives like Cerasuola and Nocellara del Belice to create distinct oils.
  17. Ena Ena (Greece): Derived from ancient Greek olive trees, their Extra Virgin Olive Oils combine distinct flavors and rich nutrition, harvested and pressed under strict, eco-friendly protocols.
  18. Negri Olive (Croatia): Combining olive oil production with art and history, the Negri Estate offers tastings and showcases art at the Gastro-Art Gallery in Labin.
  19. Laudemio – Frescobaldi: The Frescobaldi family, cultivating olive groves in Tuscany for 700 years, produces Laudemio Frescobaldi olive oil, known for its unique freshness and aroma.
  20. Olio Nece: A high-polyphenol organic EVO from Terre Di Siena, made from Sienese cultivars like Leccino and Frantoio, offering rich flavors and advanced traceability.
  21. Decimi: Combining artisanal skill and advanced technology, Olio Decimi represents the essence of olive oil, with innovative extraction techniques enhancing its unique properties.
  22. Passo della Palomba: Specializing in olive cultivation, they ensure their extra virgin olive oil retains quality and health benefits through meticulous production management.
  23. Fattoria Ambrosio: Produces distinctive extra virgin olive oil with fresh, sharp, and complex flavors, symbolizing Italian excellence and unique taste.
  24. Fattoria Ramerino: Established in the Florentine hills, they excel in producing organic extra virgin olive oil, combining ancient groves with modern practices.
  25. Filii: Features almond and artichoke flavors with a spicy finish, environmentally friendly, and made using traditional methods in Tuscia.
  26. Dievole: Harmonizing nature and human heritage, Dievole is known for its vineyards, olive groves, and the historic Villa Dievole resort, representing traditional wine production and land stewardship.
  27. De Carlo: Combines tradition with modern technology in producing high-quality oils and preserves, emphasizing a short supply chain and environmental stewardship.
  28. Mate (Croatia): Blends tradition and innovation in ancient olive cultivation, producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil with respect for the environment.
  29. Viola: Rooted in olive cultivation since the 1800s, they produce exceptional extra virgin olive oil, combining traditional farming and advanced technology.
  30. Cosmo di Russo: Continues the olive cultivation legacy initiated in the late 1800s, producing Cavarossa extra virgin olive oil with national and international acclaim.
  31. Le Tre Colonne: Produces LE TRE COLONNE extra virgin olive oil in Giovinazzo, Italy, specializing in the Coratina variety, emphasizing tradition and quality.
  32. Fonte di Foiano: Emphasizes healthy olives and oversees the entire process in-house, using modern cold extraction techniques for quality olive oil.
  33. Mimì: Honors Domenico “Mimì” Conserva’s unfulfilled dream of producing olive oil, embodying his vision of quality and devotion to the land.
  34. Il Fontanaro: Offers acclaimed extra virgin organic olive oil, olio della Pace, committed to sustainable practices and inviting visitors for tastings and classes.
  35. Aceites Nobleza del Sur (Spain): Produces premium extra virgin olive oils, combining traditional and innovative farming for distinctive, high-quality products.
  36. Podere Ricavo: Specializes in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Tuscan cultivars, grown on ideal tufa soils and harvested at peak maturity.
  37. Sorelle Garzo: A second-generation producer of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, managing full production from their olive groves in southern Italy.
  38. Az. Ag. Lombardo: Cultivates the Nocellara del Belice olive near Selinunte, offering a splendid view and certified organic farming practices.
  39. Frantoio Agostini: Continues a long-standing olive oil tradition in the Aso Valley, blending modern technologies with a focus on quality and tradition.

Each brand at the Flos Olei – Oil Bar represents the pinnacle of extra virgin olive oil production, offering attendees an unparalleled tasting experience and a journey through the best EVO oils in the world.

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