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Best Lor Mee in Loyang


Let’s Jiak Fish Ball Noodle

Let's Jiak Fish Ball Noodle

Looking for Lor Mee? Well you have come to the right place! This is my favourite Lor Mee of all time!

Let’s Jiak Fish Ball Noodle is located in Loyang Point at the All Family Food Court.

All Family Food Court Loyang Point Address: 258 Pasir Ris Street 21 Loyang Point, 510258

The Husband and Wife team at Let’s Jiak Fish Ball Noodle are so friendly, even when I am not eating there they wave and say Hi! So its a pleasure to post this brief blog for them!

I eat at this stall almost every time but my favourite dish and go to is the Lor Mee! I love my vinegar for sure, adding a big dash of black vinegar to this dish just makes it for me! The thick gelatinous gravy with thick kway teow noodles (see noodle choices below) has me slurping away everytime!

Have a look at that, its a thing of beauty! It’s a hearty dish that warms the soul for sure!

Let's Jiak Fish Ball Noodle - Best Lor Mee Loyang

What is Lor Mee in Singapore?

Lor Mee is a traditional Chinese noodle dish popular in Singapore. It consists of thick, flat, yellow noodles served in a thick, starchy gravy made from a mixture of spices, herbs, and braised meat stock, typically pork or fish. The gravy is often flavoured with five-spice powder, vinegar, and garlic, creating a uniquely savoury and slightly spicy taste.

The dish is garnished with various ingredients such as hard-boiled eggs, slices of braised pork, fish cake, ngoh hiang (five-spice meat rolls), fried wantons, and sometimes fried fish. A dash of black vinegar and a spoonful of chilli paste are often added to enhance its flavour.

What other dishes do they have at Jiak Fish Ball Noodle?

so far I have only tried the Fried Kway Teow and the Laksa and they are both stunners, full of flavour! I had the Fried Kway Teow today and at $5 you can’t go wrong, cockles, Taiwan sausage, sliced fish cake and al dente vegetables with those two accompanying chili dishes made my stomach very happy!

Extra Toppings!

I love the add on to all my hawker foods, whether it be soya sauce, chili, sambals etc. well at Let’s Jiak Fish Ball Noodle they offer you a variety to choose from, Chili Padi, big cut red chili, sambal belacan, garlic, spring onion, dried shallots and dried coriander, they certainly know how to make a customer happy!

Let's Jiak Fish Ball Noodle Chili offerings

Noodles, Noodles and More Noodles!

As if the variety of toppings were not enough choices to make, well then they have Noodle choices and look at this line up! You Mian, Thick Bee Hoon, Thin Bee Hoon, Mee Sua, Mee Pok, Yellow Noodle and Kway Teow!

Let's Jiak Fish Ball Noodle choices

What are you waiting for? Get on down to Loyang Point and check this place out! Tell them Is Life a Recipe sent you!

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