is life a recipe

Added bonus from the Pho is Flank – no it is not rhyming slang…


Beef Flank!



Hmmm, sounds interesting.

No it’s not rhyming slang, so what could it be!

Well to start you need to have made my Pho Bo to enjoy this one, so please refer to the previous posts on the blog for that.

I have to admit this was a complete surprise outcome from the creation of my Pho Bo – I then got to use it as an impromptu beginning for a dinner party, as the guest started to chew finger nails – yes they were getting hungry. Good job I realised this dish.

Flank with dip.

You basically take the flank steaks that you end up with from making the Pho broth. Shred it with some forks in to thin stringy bits, as you’ll see in the picture and pile it up on a serving platter.

I served this with my dipping sauce.

And there you have it, a Vietnamese style beginning that ended up being a favourite of diners that arrived early for a meal one night at Chez Kennett.