La Fez Cafe @ Siglap

La Fez Cafe @ Siglap Singapore | Restaurant Review | Moroccan Inviting you to enjoy a Moroccan-inspired eating experience that is always a delight for the senses, La Fez Cafe & Bakery is located in Siglap. At La Fez, a traditional Arabesque feast will enliven your senses. Celebrate kinfolk over...

Brian Kennett

July 22, 2021

Springleaf Prata Place

Spring Leaf Prata Review Best Prata in the whole of Singapore I think my good mate Spencer is trying to fatten me up. Every day he is sending through restaurant recommendations. But today he even executed against the recommendation and took me for a late breakfast to Springleaf Prata Place. Amazing is...

Brian Kennett

September 4, 2015

Hua Yu Wee

Hua Yu Wee Eating out again and not cooking, dear me I must fix that. A great night out with our friends Steve and Pia Rutherford, their girls and Arnaud and of course my gang Mary, Ollie, Amy and Jude. The Semi-Naked Chef is giving a big thumbs up for...

Brian Kennett

August 30, 2015