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Expat Living Exposure

Expat Living Exposure I can’t quite believe what Kilo Under Pressure has exposed me to. Quite scary actually when you delve in to social media and the like. Too funny. And then there is the occasional self-caused promotion too. I reached out to my mat Shamus Sillar at, remember...

Brian Kennett

October 31, 2016

Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #4

Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #4 Final one for the day is actually the last dish you’ll bet getting on 6th October. This is Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #4, and the dessert is Filipino Pandan Sweetcorn, with Coconut and Toasted Sesame accompanied by Longan Sorbet. Phew!!! I think this is a...

Brian Kennett

September 17, 2016