Backyard BBQ, Boracay

Backyard BBQ, Boracay Wandering around the beautiful Filipino island of Boracay, we stumbled across Backyard BBQ, Boracay. Yep we’ll give this a try thought I. Packed out – a good sign. Smoky, BBQ smells a wafting – another good sign. Smiley faces – always a good sign. Mix of locals...

Brian Kennett

October 3, 2015

Tito’s Restaurant, Boracay

Tito’s Restaurant, Boracay So we were in Philippines recently on holiday and asked for a recommendation of some local food. We go recommended Tito’s Restaurant, Boracay. And damn good it was too. It was described as modern Filipino fusion. Look for the little neon sign at ground level, well actually...

Brian Kennett

September 20, 2015