8-Hour Wagyu Beef Cheeks

8-Hour Wagyu Beef Cheeks My BFF, Shaun @ Orca indirectly threw down a foodie gauntlet by announcing on his WhatsApp group that he had Wagyu Beef Cheeks in stock. Holy shit. Challenge accepted buddy. Like skirt steak, cheeks are not a usual ‘cut’ you’d be buying or seeing on too...

Brian Kennett

January 14, 2021

Asian Beef and Prawn Salad

Asian Beef and Prawn Salad With an invite to my good friend and neighbour, Ben’s birthday, with his wife Jacelyn. I thought the honourable thing to do was to knock up a quick dish. What came from the Semi-Naked Chef was this absolute knock-out Asian Beef and Prawn Salad. I...

Brian Kennett

September 8, 2015