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Asian Corned Beef Hash

Asian Corned Beef Hash You seriously have to have a go at this one. It’s a relatively easy one to make and I have done the video for you to show just how simple it is. A bit of a gradually throw stuff in a fry pan concept. Now that’s...

Brian Kennett

November 8, 2015

Asian Egg Breakfast

Asian Egg Breakfast This dish is slightly inspired by one of my all-time food heroes, the legend Gordon Ramsay. His version was North African in style, but hey The Semi-Naked Chef lives in Singapore – so here is my Asian Egg Breakfast. This is superb for all the family, as...

Brian Kennett

October 18, 2015

Asian Lasagne

Asian Lasagne I had to make dinner for the kids one day. But what to make? I know, let’s have a twist on a classic. Let’s make that classic dish with some Asian orientation. This dish is so very simple, and so very absolutely bloody delicious. This is a keeper...

Brian Kennett

January 18, 2015

Asian Beef Carpaccio

Asian Beef Carpaccio A little home-grown recipe this. It’s a Carpaccio that I call Asian, because it was created here in Singapore and does have coriander in there. So there we go, Asian Beef Carpaccio it is, and shall remain. Carpaccio is basically a cold dish of raw beef –...

Brian Kennett

December 22, 2014

Thai Egg Baskets

Thai Egg Baskets Get your steady hands ready for this recipe. This is one of the trickier recipes I have ever written for you guys to make. These Thai Egg Baskets, are complex. But still please have a go, so bloody nice when you finish them as I think you’ll...

Brian Kennett

September 22, 2013