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Pizza Hut Singapore Partners with Beyond Meat™ to Unveil the Hut’s First Ever Plant-Based Meat Pizza in Asia


Pizza Hut Singapore debuts partnership with Beyond Meat with the launch of Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme

SINGAPORE, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pizza Hut Singapore, the nation’s leading pizza restaurant, is once again breaking new ground with the launch of Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme, a plant-based version of one of its best-selling creations – the Cheesy 7 Pizza.

image 977129 27838628 Pizza Hut Singapore Partners with Beyond Meat™ to Unveil the Hut's First Ever Plant-Based Meat Pizza in Asia

Created in partnership with Beyond Meat™, a leader in plant-based meat, the Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme promises an exceptional dining experience, featuring a decadent mix of seven different types of cheeses – Cheddar, Mozzarella, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Edam and Cream Cheese, coupled with Beyond Meat’s plant-based Italian sausage crumble, mushrooms and vegetables like capsicums and onions – baked to golden brown perfection.


Created to appeal to flexitarians, meat lovers and vegetarians, the Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme not only offers diners more ways to enjoy their favourite Pizza Hut flavours, but also puts them on the path to making more sustainable food choices. A notable highlight of this new creation is the Beyond Italian Sausage™ Crumble, made from simple, plant-based ingredients like peas and rice, with no GMOs, soy, gluten, hormones, antibiotics or cholesterol. The Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles have been carefully developed to offer a similar taste and flavour profile to ground Italian sausage, making it the perfect option for meat lovers who want the juicy, meaty experience they know and love but in a plant-based protein. In other words, with the Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme, customers can have their meat and not eat it too.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Beyond Meat to unveil the Hut’s first ever plant-based meat pizza in Asia. This partnership with Beyond Meat marks another step forward in our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, with flexitarians being the fastest growing consumer group in Singapore, we were motivated to launch Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme to meet the growing demand for plant-based food options without compromising on flavour,” shares Jayss Rajoo, Director of Marketing and Food Innovation at Pizza Hut Singapore.

We are excited to partner with Pizza Hut Singapore to add our Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles to their menu and are confident fans will love the new Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme as our plant-based sausage is created to offer the satisfying taste and flavour profile of Pizza Hut’s traditional meat toppings. Together, we’re working to increase accessibility to delicious plant-based meat options globally,” shares Hameed Jagani, VP Global Strategic Partnerships, Beyond Meat.

While the Cheesy 7 with Beyond™ Supreme will be available for a limited time only, the Beyond™ Supreme will be a permanent fixture on the menu after the promotional period.


Alongside the launch of Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme, Pizza Hut Singapore will be unveiling another exceptional new offering, Cheesy 7 Scorpion – a must-try for all spicy food lovers. Boasting the Hut’s signature seven-cheese blend complemented with a generous splash of TABASCO® Scorpion sauce served atop an irresistibly crispy and flavourful crust, the TABASCO® Scorpion sauce offers untamed heat with a touch of Caribbean sweetness, made with ripe scorpion peppers blended with guava, pineapple and a dash of TABASCO® sauce. For those who prefer non-spicy options, they can fall back on fan favourites including the Cheesy 7 Original and Cheesy 7 Hawaiian.

The former features a decadent blend of seven different types of cheeses that are baked to golden brown perfection, while the latter, offers additional toppings of succulent chicken ham and juicy pineapple chunks.


Alongside the launch of Cheesy 7 Beyond™ Supreme and Cheesy 7 Scorpion, which will be available from 1 September, Pizza Hut Singapore will continue to offer scrumptious meal deals catered to different dining group sizes, offering tantalising items like the Honey Lemon Baked Salmon with Mash; a sharing platter comprising Spicy Korean Drumlets (4 pieces), Mini Hot Chicky Ribs (4 pieces), Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces) and Cheesy Mash Potato; Rosé Shrimp & Chicken Pasta; Mango Mousse Cake with Ice Cream; and refreshing beverages like the SJORA® Tropical and the SJORA® Lychee Berry.


For those who wish to enjoy the new Cheesy 7 pizzas in the comfort of their own homes, they can opt for delivery or takeaway, and add on a selection of specials including the Sharing Snack Box, comprising Spicy Korean Drumlets (4 pieces), Chicken Nuggets (6 pieces), and Milo Breadsticks (5 pieces); Rosé Shrimp & Chicken Pasta (Chef‘s Recommended); and Mango Mousse Cake.

Whether prepping for a party of two or 10, Pizza Hut’s delivery deals will have customers covered. Starting from $7 per pax, there are various options catered for different needs and preferences.

The Cheesy Treat Box (3-4 pax), priced at $39.90, consists of 1 Large Cheesy 7 Pizza, Rosé Shrimp & Chicken Pasta (Chef’s Recommended) or Chicken Pomodoro (Spicy or Non Spicy), Garlic Bread or a choice between Cinnamon Breadsticks (6 pieces) and Milo Breadsticks (6 pieces).

For those hosting more than eight pax, get the Cheesy Ultimate Box ($69.90), offering 2 Regular Cheesy 7 Pizzas, 1 Regular Pizza (Favourite), and either one of the following: Rosé Shrimp & Chicken Pasta (Chef’s Recommended) or Chicken Pomodoro (Spicy or Non Spicy), and one of the following sides: Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets (10 pieces), Honey Roasted Wings (10 pieces), Chicken Tenders (10 pieces), Mini Cheesy Penne (2 portions), Cheesy Mash (2 portions), or Chicken Nuggets (15 pieces). This bundle also includes an additional portion of Mini Cheesy Penne or Cheesy Mash, and one of the following: Garlic Bread (2 portions), Cinnamon Breadsticks (10 pieces) or Milo Breadsticks (10 pieces).


From now till 30 September, customers can enjoy $7 off Cheesy 7 pizzas (Regular/Large) – simply enter code ‘YAYCHEESY7’ when you place your orders online or via the app. For dine-in, please flash the Facebook post when making payment. This promotion is only valid for Delivery and Dine-in.

The Cheesy 7 pizzas are available in all crust types including Pan, Cheesy Stuffed Crust, and Pizza Hut’s new San Francisco Style Sourdough Crust. For all pizzas, customers can enjoy 50% off when they order two pizzas for delivery or one pizza for takeaway. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, visit or access the digital press kit here. Order via the Pizza Hut app, available for download on iOS and Android.

About Pizza Hut Singapore

Now 41 years’ old, Pizza Hut Singapore first opened its doors on the island in 1981 with one outlet at Jalan Jelita. Fast forward to 2022, Pizza Hut Singapore is now the largest pizza chain restaurant in Singapore with 80 outlets. We have an unmatched passion for and celebration of our pizzas. We aim to deliver not just a wide array of pizzas, pastas and other quality foods that are always fresh, but also a casual atmosphere that is fun and friendly. All these without compromising what good restaurants have always stood for service and customer satisfaction.

Over the years, our service, menu offerings and ambience have evolved in keeping up with times and trends. Since then, we have embraced the affordable casual dining concept where the emphasis is on creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for our customers. Pizza Hut is the favourite place to be at if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, or simply a relaxing time with friends and loved ones. We aim to make every dining experience a truly memorable one for our customers. One thing that you can be assured of through the times is that we, at Pizza Hut Singapore will always listen to you – our most valued customers.

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About Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND) is a leading plant-based meat company offering a portfolio of revolutionary plant-based meats made from simple ingredients without GMOs, no added hormones or antibiotics, and 0mg of cholesterol per serving. Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat products are designed to have the same taste and texture as animal-based meat while being better for people and the planet. Beyond Meat’s brand commitment, Eat What You Love™, represents a strong belief that there is a better way to feed our future and that the positive choices we all make, no matter how small, can have a great impact on our personal health and the health of our planet. By shifting from animal-based meat to plant-based protein, we can positively impact four growing global issues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources and animal welfare. As of June 2022, Beyond Meat branded products were available at approximately 183,000 retail and foodservice outlets in over 90 countries worldwide. Visit and follow @BeyondMeat, #BeyondBurger and #GoBeyond on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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rt Pizza Hut Singapore Partners with Beyond Meat™ to Unveil the Hut's First Ever Plant-Based Meat Pizza in Asia


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