Limewood Restaurant Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

How lucky am I sometimes? I recently flew to Hong Kong for work. I was taken to dinner by my Big Boss at an amazing place on Repulse Bay with my work colleagues. The place we visited was Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay. I think this is a favourite of the Boss, as he frequents here many weekends after a jog from the city, a quick swim in the sea, and lunch with family and friends. How good is that? But why does he keep on coming back?

A quick apologise for the photos – I only had the bloody iPhone, so not so good.

Well first you need to know where it is –The Pulse Shop 103 & 104 G/F, 28 Beach Road Repulse Bay

It’s a fantastic place, right on the beach with wide open windows to the beach. Its light, it’s airy, it’s breezy, it’s bloody nice. It’s surely up there in the Kennett ‘must-do-again’ list of food venues. Just for the 48 hours charred ribs I would come back here to Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay – more of that below.

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

Jerked coconut corn – jerked aioli and toasted coconut

Holy shit Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay, without a shadow of a doubt this is simply the very best sweetcorn I have even had in my life. I wanted to wipe myself all over with this, it’s incredible. Little chili kick from the jerk and then the sweetness of the corn with a little charred coconut kick too. OMG, great work guys, this is a cracker!

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

Chicken wings – lemongrass, honey and sweet chili glaze

Some very nice chicken wings up next. Not bad at all Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay.

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

Vietnamese fish taco, with avocado and Asian slaw

You know me folks, I am not a cooked fish lover, so cannot comment on the taste. Sure looks good though I have to say. None were left at the end of the meal, so there’s a good sign.

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

OMG – here it is, the KILLER dish; 48 hour charred beef ribs, with mango infused BBQ sauce and toasted sesame seeds

My hands are trembling as I type this. I may need a lie down after a cold shower. Here comes the Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay 48 hour charred beef ribs. Holy shit, I tell you what this is simply to die for. I reckon I have this up there now with my ‘death-row’ choices. It is simply an incredible hunk or the juiciest, butter-like, flavourful, charred piece of perfect steak. Man oh man did this get oooohs and aaaahs from the table. Simply, an incredible dish!

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

And you cut off a lump of that bad boy and have a look at that – OMG, I can hear Belinda Carlisle a singing; “Ooooh heaven is a place on earth…” this is STELLAR!!!

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay I love you. Just have a look at this piece I carved off. Could it look any better? I challenge you if you say yes.

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

Deep fried whole snapper Thai style, with lemongrass, kaffir lime, scallion and green peppercorn

Again, not really my bag, although I dod like the way they had cooked it. Maybe steamed, then filleted to bite size pieces, battered, deep fried and popped back on the fish. Looking good .

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

And here are the heroes of the night – great work, seriously GREAT work Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay

Limewood Restaurant, Hong Kong @ Repulse Bay what a fantastic dinner you put on today – thank you. Thanks to the Big Boss, Paul, for bringing us here – a superb choice my friend. We had fun with friends, we ate like Kings & Queens with a beautiful view. Food & location can’t get much better than this place in my reckoning. This is a must if you are in Honkers. Get here or miss out – ENJOY!!!

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