Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong

Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong

I wrote about this place years ago. Do you remember? All about how incredible the owner is, and her making her own baguettes every day and her own soy and fish sauces. Clearly it has been years and it was time to re-visit. Wifey and I had the chance to have lunch too as I was working from home this day after the trip to Melbourne for work. Stars aligned and so did the food stars at Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong.

Everyone raves about Long Phung down Joo Chiat, as I have before in other blogs. But prepare for the queue and prepare for the cash-only payment, which has burnt me once before with a lon sweaty walk to the nearest ATM, 1km away. So all you East Coasters, look no further and get your arses here to Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong. I had forgotten just how good this place is and the food they pump out at lightning speed. It is exceptionally good and well worth the visit.

Oh yeah did I mention? 24x7x365 Happy Hour on Sapporo’s @ $5 only. Happy hour = Happy days… WEEEEEEE

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It was only wifey and me today, but we did get takeaway for Jude. So let’s have a looksie shall we?

Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong

Wifey goes for a rather healthy option as she was not too hungry, but then ate about half of my Bánh mì, MWAH!!! Here are the fresh prawn spring rolls. When I say fresh I think the prawns were literally scooped from a bath and the veggies picked on the spot. You can just tell the freshness from the look, but then the crunch, and slightly pickled veg,  and a wee dip in the fish sauce and you are indeed in food heaven. Simply amazing food here.

Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong

I got stuck into the Pho Bo with no noodles. Yes, there is that option, which is great for me on my low carbs gig at the moment. If only you could smell the fragrance coming from this broth. This broth takes like 8 hours to make ++. It is a labour of love to get this as it is. I know as I have made this myself – for the family, but also for Kilo Under Pressure, remember? This Pho is incredible. I will have this over and over again now when we come back to here. It really is an amazing dish. Again I cannot emphasise the freshness enough. Beautiful food here, just beautiful.

Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong

Here is Jude Jude’s takeaway sandwich. Simply called – smoked chicken sandwich. Jude couldn’t say what it was because he was eating it all up so quickly he had not time to speak. Yeah, he loved this to the very last little morsel. Cracker!!!

Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong

Yep, I could not resist my very own Bánh mì. I went for Saigon Special with extra Pate and Omelette. Well, you just have to right? I drizzled the home-made soy and fish sauce over and took a bite. 1st is incredible CRUNCH of the home-made baguette. Best baguettes EVER!!! So light, but so intensely crunchy. Amaze-balls. Then you get the crunch of the veggies and the daikon. Then the savoury flavour hit. OMG, best sandwich on the planet. I love you, will you marry me (sorry wifey)? This is food-porn in the picture and in the eating, you simply have to try this. #1bestBánhmì #offthecharts #bestvietnamesefoodoneastcoast

And there you have it folks, my re-review of Sandwich Saigon Cafe @ Katong. What an absolutely cracking lunch for wifey and me. It was seriously off-the-charts good. All of it. Jude ate every last little scrap of his sandwich too when we collected him from school. Big thumbs up from the wifey too. This is ‘die die must try’food folks believe me. Get your bum on a bus or bike and go chow down in here.

Let me just advise too that all the food above, and two drinks for wifey and I came to only $48.20. I kid you not. How incredible is that for value for 1st-class food. It is WOW!!!

Some of the very best Vietnamese food I have ever eaten. In fact, I will say that the Siagon Special Bánh mì is actually the VERY BEST I have ever had. Exquisite with a little of their home-made fish and soy sauces, with that light, fluffy and super crunchy baguette. Heavenly. Try it – ENJOY!!!

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